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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

It is said that if there is anything constant, it is change. And while those looking for a bathroom renovation in 2021 consistently demand beauty, utility and quality, the bathroom style trends and  design elements are always in a state of flux. When it comes to bathrooms, people are increasingly looking for comfort, decadence and a spa-like feel – gone are the days of a solely utilitarian space.

From the hottest new finishes to the most functionally creative cabinets, we love seeing what style is evolving. This year is no different – so as we enter the new year, we decided to take a look at some of the most exciting design trends to watch.

Dark Fixtures: Black matte fixtures pop when up against marble or porcelain; they can also add an elegant design touch to any bathroom. For even more of a dramatic look, use the same dark finish on shower frames and mirrors. Look for darker fixtures to be a part of bathroom style trends  everywhere in 2021, replacing standard chrome faucets and handles.

Creative Lighting: A bathroom needs the right lighting, especially over a vanity. But the integration and implementation of that lighting continues to evolve, as designers explore such ideas as backlighting and under cabinet lighting for more expressive ambiance. The idea is to have the lighting exude from every area, not just from a wall sconce or overhead fixture.

Hybrid Flooring: Hybrid and mixed-medium flooring has been growing in popularity in every other room of the house, so it is no surprise it has made its way into the bathroom. It is, however, a bit more challenging due to the moisture. Tile remains the best choice, but consumers are choosing  several colors or styles for the space; and even adding a little carpet or wood in areas not so susceptible to water, such as a dressing area.

Full Marble Walls: Marble creates a dramatic impact. IT is not only beautiful and sophisticated, but represents the ultimate in luxury. Many forward thinking homeowners are placing a lighter marble around the majority of the bathroom, with a single black marble statement wall – similar to brightly colored accent walls in living spaces.

Black Tubs: Claw foot tubs are shamelessly romantic in appearance, elevating the aesthetic of any bathroom. Tubs which are black in color are rising in popularity, joining the style trend of dark fixtures and accent walls. In a design-inspired rebellion against white porcelain tile and tubs, all of these darker items add drama and elegance.

Mixed Metals: We’ve spoken about mixed metals in the past, but the style trend seemingly has no end in sight. Ever since we learned that not everything has to match in order to be beautiful, complimentary finishes have been a staple of home and bathroom design. Just remember it is best to limit your differing finishes to two in a small bathroom, and three in a larger space.

Perhaps the most overriding bathroom style trends as we head into 2021 are individuality and creativity. There are few hard and fast style rules in today’s home, as homeowners experiment with finishes, colors and mediums. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and today’s consumer understands that they are not constrained to the boring, sterile bathrooms of old.

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