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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

Bathrooms may not be the most glamorous rooms in the house – but they could be! In fact, while just a few years ago bathrooms were built to be completely utilitarian, today’s homeowners often look to create a refuge or an oasis, especially in large master baths. If you are looking to create a luxuriant spa – or simply s serene haven – in your home,  bathroom renovation project may be in order. Here are some factors you may wish to consider before you begin.

bathroom renovation project

Design Your Bathroom Renovation Project

  1. Estimate Costs and Motivations: Before starting any bathroom renovation project, you need to determine how much you’re willing to spend. You should also determine if the return on investment (ROI) is important to you. Many homeowners plan on staying in the home for many years, therefore the ROI is not important – the renovation is for their personal enjoyment. But if a homeowner is planning a remodeling project in order to increase the value of the home, they may make difference choices when it comes to materials and design.
  2. Spend Some Time on the Shower: Whether for yourself or for resale value, there are few aspects of the bathroom more important to get right than the shower. Sure, this is a functional decision, but with a few creative choices you can turn the shower into a self-contained day spa. Building a beautiful shower will never cause regret. Depending on the space you have, you can remove a bathtub, or add a freestanding bathtub, while still designing the shower you desire. Look into frameless glass doors to create an illusion of space and brightness; and a large rain shower head is sure to transform the showering experience. How about several showerheads pulsating water from several directions, complete with your favorite musical soundtrack? If you have a limited budget, the showerheads alone can make it seem like a whole new space.
  3. Make Surface Decisions: Many times in life it is important to look beneath the surface – but in a bathroom renovation project, the surface you choose can make all the difference! Countertops, hardware, wall tiles, and floor tiles can all have a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Choose an elegant statement vanity, or a bold wall tile to draw the eye and really express your personality. Step outside the box of sterile, all white bathrooms and try colored marble or tile. Keep in mind, though – showing off your unique design style is great if you plan on staying in the home; for ROI purposes, you’ll want to stay with more classic choices. Bathroom remodels are a fairly large undertaking, and if a prospective buyer does not agree with your design choices, they may think it too much work to take on.
  4. Talk to an Expert About Lighting: Ask any woman about the importance of lighting in the bathroom, and you’ll understand why this makes our list. Different types of light bulbs give off varying light, and can emit a yellow or blue tint which makes faces look washed out or sallow. If you are considering a large bathroom, you can have softer ambient lighting over the bathtub, but be sure to have true, natural light over sinks and vanities. The style of fixture can fit the bathroom design, of course.

West Coast Design Build Florida are your local experts in Sarasota bathroom renovation projects. No matter your motivation, no matter your style – call us first. We can help you to work through costs, materials, and fixtures; and guide you to the plan which will bring to life the bathroom you’ve envisioned.