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Just like with clothes, the “in” trends of interior design change over time. The shag carpets of the 1960s, retro orange-yellow color palette of the 1970s, and the pastels of the 1980s all had their time in the spotlight, but for the majority of designers they are features of the past. Eventually the trendiest designs of today will fall out of favor; as a homeowner, you want to be sure your home remains modern enough to still be appealing when it comes time to sell. This doesn’t mean you need to completely forego any modern trends though–you should simply strike the right balance between stylish trends and timeless home design.

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The two components of  home design are the decor (colors, accents, furniture, etc.) and the more-permanent architectural aspects (such as the layout, flooring, fireplace, etc.) The best way to maintain a home that is always appealing is to incorporate timeless architectural elements, then allowing yourself to indulge in trendy decor and paint colors that are easily changed when you decide to sell.

Home Design – What Materials are You Using?

It’s rarely a bad idea to invest in long-lasting, quality materials during a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. Durable stone and wood are easily paired with modern style trends and can last for decades. They also tend to increase your home’s value, since it’s less likely they will need to be replaced in the near future. If you’re unsure of which materials to choose, think about the features you see in historical homes–iron fixtures, stone flooring, brick fireplaces, strong wood beams, and copper piping and accents are all great examples of materials that are long-lasting and always in style.

Be Conscious when Opting for Trends

The lifespan of a trend varies–for example, while shag carpets came and went relatively quickly, the trend of a sleek, white kitchen has remained popular for many years. It may eventually be traded for a different design style, but for now it’s a safe bet for a style attractive to homebuyers. Remember, too, that your preference for color may change over time. If you design your entire living room (including major furniture items like entertainment centers or sofas) in shades of blue, but then later find it’s no longer your style, you’ve got a big overhaul to do. Instead, choose a few trendy pieces that pull the room together, like a rug or coffee table, and stick with more neutral and timeless styles for flooring and couches. This way, you have the flexibility to make simple and inexpensive changes that significantly affect the room’s style.

Comfort Should Be a Priority in Home Design

Overall though, your house should feel like your home. While it’s a good idea to incorporate timeless elements in your home design, you should ultimately make choices that will bring you joy. Whether you love wainscoting, wood panelling, or marble floors, make the choices that are right for you. If you love a particular style, odds are that you will be able to find buyers who also fall in love with your home’s uniqueness.