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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

While it may not seem evident when simply looking at paint chips, changing the color of a room has a transformative effect on not only its appearance, but on how the room makes you feel. Since the bathroom is the place where most of us begin and end our day, it makes sense that you’d want to create a space that leaves you feeling good. If you’re looking for a change, consider giving your bathroom decor a makeover with one of these excellent bathroom paint colors.
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  1. You can’t go wrong with neutrals that combine cool and warm tones. A color in this family is ideal for someone who isn’t quite sure what direction they want to take their bathroom in the future, but know that they need a change. Shades of taupe, grey and beige will provide a beautiful neutral base for practically any color scheme. Go soft and pastel with your accents and pops of color, or add some spice with bold, tropical shades like saffron, ochre or key lime. Regardless of your style, color preferences, or the materials of your floor and backsplash, a middle-toned neutral is a safe place to begin your bathroom’s makeover.
  2. Rich rose colors are great for bathrooms of any size. They diffuse light to give your entire bathroom a soft, cozy appeal. Shades of rose look particularly radiant when paired with the glowing lights of a vanity.
  3. Calming blues are classic bathroom decor colors…and for good reason! Lean into the naval or beach theme if that brings you joy–these themes evoke calm, relaxation, and sun-soaked happiness. Dark navy provides a solid contrast to bright, refreshing whites of a subway tile backsplash or porcelain tile flooring. Light, muted blue-green gives you a color more neutral in tone, but still full of personality and able to pull a room together in a cohesive color scheme. Seafoam green is another popular choice not only because of its calming nature, but also because of its ability to be used in a variety of color palettes. You can go tropical with it by throwing in bright accents of coral and salmon, or go with earthy purples and tans for a more spa-like feel.
  4. If you tend to be bolder in your style, don’t be afraid to go for blacks or reds! A classic black, white, and red combination is sure to result in a stunning, showstopper bathroom that will make you feel like the main event every morning. Black and gold is another popular combination that is gorgeous. The gold reflects light to give the room a shimmery appearance in contract to the darkness of black walls and accents.
  5. Yellow is such a happy, sunshine-y color, so many people gravitate toward it for their bathrooms. It will certainly help you start your day on a cheerful note. If you don’t want to go all the way with yellow walls, consider painting them a soothing light grey and focus on bringing as much yellow as you can to the room’s accents and accessories. Yellow shower curtains, towels, or even cabinetry provides a lovely pop of color without being overbearing the way that a completely yellow-walled room can be.

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