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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

Plants are popular components of room decor, not only for the natural beauty they bring to a room but also for their air-purifying abilities. While they’re often incorporated into living rooms and kitchens, many people don’t consider incorporating them into their bathroom design. If you think about it, though, the bathroom provides a unique environment that is perfect for lots of popular house plant species (plus, watering is easy since the sink is right there).
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Bathrooms are typically warm, humid, and relatively low-light. This means that tropical species tend to thrive there since these conditions are similar to what they would experience when growing on a tropical forest floor. Keep in mind that temperatures can fluctuate greatly in a bathroom. It would be best if you had hardy, moisture-loving plants for the decor there. Here are a few species that will likely love your bathroom.

  • Ferns: This genus of plants has many species, most of which are ideal for a bathroom. They require decent humidity to flourish, and most can grow well in low-light. If you’ve got closer to medium-light, they’ll do even better.
  • Bamboo: Fast-growing and hardy, bamboo loves a steamy room after a shower. It will happily grow in a bowl of just water or water and pebbles, making it even more low-maintenance. Bamboo grows naturally in dense forests, so they are used to low light.
  • Bromeliads: Another hardy genus, bromeliads actually grow best in low, indirect light–a great quality when you’re trying to decorate a bathroom with only a small window. Their bright flowers provide a lovely contrast to their dark green foliage.
  • Orchids: The delicate stems and flowers of the orchid bring a simple, elegant touch to your bathroom. While they love humidity and can grow well in low light, they are susceptible to rot and mold. So long as your bathroom is well-ventilated, you should have no trouble keeping these lovely flowers happy.
  • Cast iron plant: Are you cursed with a black thumb? Try your luck with a cast iron plant. They’re nearly impossible to kill, surviving well with little watering and low light. You can forget to water them for weeks, and they’ll still be fine. Be sure they are planted in well-draining soil and only water after the soil has dried out completely.
  • Pothos: If you love the look of vines trailing around a window or room, pothos is an excellent plant for your bathroom. They require indirect light to avoid burning their leaves. Be wary if you’ve got curious pets – pothos is quite toxic if consumed.
  • Snake plant: Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, this is another good option if you usually kill your plants. Snake plants are extremely low-maintenance and thrive in the bathroom’s humidity. They’re great at purifying the air, particularly when it comes to formaldehyde–a chemical found in many bathroom products.
  • Air plants: If you want a more desert-inspired aesthetic, consider using air plants. While succulents will quickly rot if exposed to constant moisture, air plants rely on a room’s humidity for all their water. Keeping air plants in the bathroom ensures they can drink their fill with no additional effort on your part.

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