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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

When undertaking a bathroom renovation, you may spend a lot of time thinking of rain showerheads or pedestal sinks. You may spend less time thinking about the flooring – but the bathroom floor could be one of your most important design choices.

It is a well publicized fact that renovating your kitchen or bathroom is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, and to make it more attractive to buyers. Because the floor covers so much “real estate” and therefore catches the eye easily, your floor is an important aesthetic to consider.

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Although you want your floor to look beautiful, it also has to stand up to a lot of duress – especially when it comes to moisture. Clearly there are some floor coverings which are not appropriate for the bathroom, such as carpet which retains moisture. Solid hardwoods also perform poorly in bathroom areas, as they have protection against water and can rot eventually. Of course, tile is your best choice as it is long lasting, easy to clean and can be adapted to any style or decor.

More so than any other room in the house, the flooring needs to be beautiful, durable and low maintenance – but it must also be able to handle the conditions. For many people, affordability plays a large role as well.

Here are some ideas as to great choices for your new stunning bathroom.

Augment Small Spaces: There are two ways flooring can significantly impact a small bathroom space, such as a powder room. The first is to add white tile flooring. White makes any space appear a bit larger, and reflects light to add brightness and openness to the space. Another way to make a statement with a small space is to embrace it! You can make a small space sophisticated with products such as dark slate tile that draws the eye and adds elegance.

Go for the Bold: Artistic tiles with bold prints, such as Moroccan tile, can allow homeowners to turn a bathroom floor into a designer statement. Tiles come in a wide choice of palettes, from black and white to sunny yellows and bright blues; as well as more subdued hues such as navy and maroon. These tiles can also be The biggest thing to remember if you choose to make such a statement is that the rest of the bathroom should be kept minimal, neutral and simplistic. The right choice of tile can make your bathroom a true showpiece.

Go a Little Retro: Hexagon tile is making a design comeback, especially in the bathroom. These statement tiles offer a full spectrum of color and texture choices, and also come in a range of sizes. Use tiny tiles for a dainty design in a small, pretty powder room; or large hexagonal designs with accent tiles for an abstract, artsy look. If you are really looking for an more elegant look but love the hexagon aesthetic, look for polished marble. Each piece is unique and assembling them creates a luxurious mosaic. Hexagon tiles provide versatility and design options that are nearly unlimited, and are sure to provide a “wow” factor to your bathroom space.

Stenciled Tile: If you have a “boring white tile floor and are looking to create some “pop” on a budget, considering tile stenciling. Using a stencil on your existing tile saves significant money while allowing you to transform your current look. Stenciling is both stylish and affordable. Use durable, anti-slip and water resistant stencil.

Classic Marble Bathroom Floor: Marble is a timeless material for the bathroom floor that has stood the test of time. It never goes out of style, and is universally appreciated by homeowners (and prospective buyers!) Marble will cost more than other materials, but it is guaranteed to be long lasting and gorgeous. If real marble isn’t in your budget, look into ceramic tile that imitates the look of marble. The options in the last few years provide the realistic look of marble without the cost.

Black and White: There are limitless design options when you choose black and white tile flooring. Virtually any color palette will pair beautifully with these tiles, and you can choose patterns from subtle to striking. Black and white tile floors can be found everywhere from rural homes to urban condos. It is lush, sophisticated, and always trendy.

There are so many details to consider when renovating a bathroom, and you may find it overwhelming – but there is no need. Call the professionals at West Coast Design Build Florida and we will work with you to create a beautiful bathroom, from design to budget. We are one of the Sarasota area’s top bathroom renovation experts – call us today!