When considering a kitchen remodel, many people have a “vision” in their head of their dream kitchen. They can see the colors, the cabinets, even the double oven, all coming together perfectly in one fantastic design. At Westcoast Design Build Florida, we want to help you being that vision to life. Still, unless you are a kitchen design professional, there may be elements of the kitchen which may need some tweaking. When making all of the design choices necessary for a remodel, the aesthetic look is important – but so are the durability of the materials, the ease of maintenance, and the reality of your budget. Lets start with countertops.

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Choose The Right Countertops for Your Lifestyle

Countertops take the brunt of the kitchen activity – from preparing meals, to housing appliances, to collecting all the kids school supplies. Your countertops experience spilt coffee and jelly smears, or may even get nicked with a piece of cutlery – so having a firm understanding of how you live your daily life helps with choices to be made. The good news is, even if the material you had your heart set on doesn’t really have the durability to handle a house full of teenagers making snacks, there’s a good chance there is a very similar looking material that will.

Granite Countertops

Typically, granite is a homeowner’s top pick when it comes to their kitchen countertops. Granite comes in so many colors and designs, from black to green, brown and white. No two pieces are exactly alike. Polished granite is has a shiny surface which tends to darken the look of the stone, while honed granite appears soft and matte. Granite should be resealed occasionally, with honed granite needing more frequent maintenance.

Although people tend to think of granite as their most expensive choice, the price depends more on availability. Granite which is more available and can be easily sourced can be affordable, while custom granite being imported from across the world may become pricy.

Beyond Granite Countertops – Quartz & More

Quartz countertops are made from a hard, crystalline mineral and man-made resin. The resin permeates the gaps in the stone, protecting the surface. Quartz is strong, flexible, and non-porous, making it a popular choice for low maintenance.

Other natural stone materials including marble and limestone are also possible choices for your kitchen, but they are softer and not as durable as granite and quartz countertops. As you may expect, engineered stone countertops have more diversity in color and style than natural stone. They are also more durable and lower maintenance.

Solid surface countertops are popular with many homeowners as ell. Their wide spectrum of color choices come in seamless pieces which are stain and scuff-resistant, perfect for households with busy kids and lots of cooking. Concrete countertops are growing in popularity as well, but are more difficult to maintain than most of the other surfaces. Butcher-block wood countertops are easy to keep clean and maintained, and can significantly warm up the ambiance in a kitchen – although are not necessarily the best choice for areas of the kitchen which are often wet.

The most affordable material available for countertops is laminate, which offers kitchen designers many colors and styles, but may also scorch and scratch more easily.

Design Your Own Counter Tops

Often, people who are designing a dream kitchen may incorporate two materials into their countertops, such as choosing an upscale material for perimeter counters, and butcher-block for the food prep area on the island. Again, identifying your particular “kitchen lifestyle” helps to determine which material is right for you.

The professional designers at Westcoast Design Build are here to help. Tell us how much you cook, if you use the counters for homework as well as food prep, or what your specific baking needs are – and we’ll help you choose the layout and materials which will best suit your style. Call us today for a consultation, and let’s get to work on your dream kitchen – countertops and all.