Creating an outdoor area that is inviting and comfortable might be problematic if space is at a premium in your small yard. However, creative tips can be employed to maximize the utility and appearance of any outdoor deck space. By the end of your design process, you will be surprised by how much you can fit into your small deck design plan, making it the perfect outdoor living space.

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Choosing The Location: Maximizing space is the paramount concern if your yard or deck is on the smaller side. For example, cutting the yard in two and leaving only a tiny sliver of grass on each side could be considered an inefficient use of the space. Instead, starting in the corner of the yard allows the grass and yard to remain unbroken and open up more room for activities not involving your small deck.

Planning For Activities: Deciding on the specific function of your small outdoor space is the most critical decision for design. When the deck is meant to host parties and get-togethers, the size and design will differ from one meant simply as a nice spot to enjoy the sun. Think ahead and envision your preferred activities – how much seating is needed and what other elements you would like to include (firepit, grill, jacuzzi) will help to determine the ideal size for your patio. These answers will inform all decisions moving forward.

Use Multifunctional Furniture: Using furniture with dual purposes is an ideal way to save space on a small deck or patio. Benches that double as storage or tables that can retract will allow you to utilize the space for different needs at different times. Stackable furniture – or simply lightweight furniture able to be stored away easily – is another way your area can be transformed to meet the needs of whatever events you plan for the future. Expert Tip: Retractable awnings or foldable sun umbrellas might be an attractive alternative to permanent coverings or roofs. When shade from the hot sun is not necessary at night, an open roof can dramatically increase the feeling of size when enjoying the space.

Create a View: Even in a small space, there are ways to draw attention away from the limited real estate in your yard. Creating an attractive vista within the eyesight of your outdoor room – whether a small fountain, waterfall, or trellis – will capture any wandering eyes and keep the focus off of the possibly crowded and small space. You may consider adding numerous plants and planters to surround the deck and create visual interest.

Utilize Vertical Design: Because your outdoor area will most likely not be inhibited by walls or ceilings, designing ways to utilize space vertically will create a much richer sense of space. Crawling branches of vines, hanging light fixtures, and unique mounted storage systems provide an intriguing counterbalance to the rigid limits of the floor space. Beautiful hammocks are another way to add even more seating options when needed on a small deck.

Reduce Clutter: Whatever the intent of your outdoor design, take the time to organize and declutter it periodically. If your patio is meant to be a relaxing area to read and take in some rays, removing extra seating to allow ample room for your legs to stretch out can make a once crowded area feel new and improved again.

If you want to elevate the design of your backyard, don’t be discouraged by the perceived lack of space. At West Coast Design Build Florida, our design experts can work with you to create an inviting outdoor area you’ll be proud to show off – no matter the size.