Before putting your home on the market, you might be searching for ways to increase the selling price. Consult your real estate agent on what types of remodels are helping homes sell best in your area. A popular selling point in many cases is a new or improved bathroom. If you choose to remodel, be sure to maximize your return on investment (ROI) so that you aren’t putting unnecessary money into bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations

  • Type of Bathroom Renovation: For complete bathroom renovations, you might spend anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 depending on the size, scope, materials, and finishes that you choose. While remodeling with upscale features and finishes will add more value to your home than a midrange remodel, it will also cost you more and result in a lower ROI. Midrange remodels and ones that bring your bathroom up to a universal design standard (i.e., meets ADA requirements for wheelchairs and people of different abilities) have similar ROIs of around 70% on average, whereas more upscale remodels tend to have an ROI of about 50%.
  • Update Only Necessary Elements: The best way to keep your spending to a minimum while maximizing your ROI is to limit your punch list. Yes, you could spring for an entire overhaul, but if your tub is clean and works well or if the floor tiles are still in great shape, there is no need to spend the extra money replacing them.First, identify areas that definitely need fixing. Common examples include dirty grout, cracked or uneven tiles, rusting features, etc. Pay attention to how well the vent removes moisture from the room after your next shower. If the vent is super loud or inefficient, you might consider replacing it. If it is dark, you might want to put in a better light or spring for a window if the bathroom is adjacent to an exterior wall. When refinishing the floors or walls, opt for non-slip and waterproof materials so that damage and bacteria growth is less likely to occur.
  • Modify the layout: If you plan to do a larger-scale remodel, consider your current layout and how it can be altered to be more functional. Is the toilet paper holder difficult to reach from the toilet? Do you have plenty of space for the cabinet and shower doors to swing open? What about the light switch–is it easily accessible from the doorway? All of these and more contribute to a smoothly-operating bathroom.
  • Consider repainting: While bold wall colors can be fun and beautiful, they will likely appeal to fewer potential buyers than a more neutral-colored wall. Whites, creams, and pale blues are excellent options. In fact, light blue bathrooms tend to add a couple of thousand dollars to a home’s selling price–well worth the $40-60 investment for the paint and primer!
  • Try Inexpensive Upgrades: There are many ways to drastically change the appeal of a bathroom without a major overhaul:• New toilets are only a couple of hundred dollars but are nice to see when viewing a home.
    • Update all of the hardware so that it matches and looks stylish.
    • Replace the mirror with one that is bigger or more modern.
    • Instead of replacing cabinets, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint or wood stain.
    • Give the room a good scrub. A deep clean can go a long way.

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