You’ve just purchased a new home – fantastic! Moving into a new house is a formative part of your life, especially if you are purchasing a home to start a family and grow old in. Despite the excitement, moving can definitely be challenging. The process of packing up all of your belongings and finding time to move them over to a new location, and renting a large and unwieldy box truck is understandably stressful. To make moving day easier and help facilitate a smooth transition to a new part of your life, here are a few tips we hope you employ.

Moving Day Tips

Tip #1 – Start Packing Early

Moving day is stressful, but often because of the long hours of monotonous work that preceded it the days prior. While it may not be possible to pack all of your belongings weeks before the big day, storing items you know you will not need in the coming weeks gives you a good perspective on how much work is left – and spreads out the labor of many more days. For example, a large bookshelf full of novels looks perfect in your current living room, but it isn’t necessary to keep all of that in place right before you move. In fact, if you have access to your new home before the moving day, you can start moving over items in small batches as time goes on. 

Tip #2 – Decide What Needs To Come

Not everything in your current house needs to follow you to the new location. Moving into a new home is a fantastic time to take a good look at everything piling up in your kitchen cabinets, bathroom closets, and dressers and get rid of unnecessary or unwanted items. Not only will this reduce the number of boxes you have to take with you, but it will also let you start fresh and build your new collection of clothes (or anything you desire) without worrying about future storage concerns.

Tip #3 – Keep Rooms Together

It might be tempting to throw similar-sized objects into boxes together for the sake of moving them, but you should always store items in containers that only contain other things from the same room as them. Combining your entire family’s clothes into a large pile and trying to sort out what belongs where will take you much longer than properly storing and separating them at the outset of the move. On moving day, this also allows you to take a well-needed break if you desire – you can unpack your bedroom box and rest easy knowing that the room is clutter free and fully set up. Kitchens and bathrooms are among the first two rooms you’ll want to have fully functional as soon as possible. 

Tip #4 – Don’t Put Off Unpacking

Despite just advocating for small breaks, you should never let your ‘moving day’ turn into a ‘moving week.’ Try to finish the unpacking job in a reasonable amount of time so you can get back to a sense of normalcy and start thinking about the future. You might realize that you need to do more shopping or have lost some items in the move, and you should do your best to address these concerns as soon as possible. Living amongst unpacked boxes can put a lasting damper on your initial memories of your new home.

Before your big day, ensure your new home is up to your standards. Does your kitchen need new cabinets? Do your bathrooms need to be renovated? Taking care of these projects before moving in can minimize disruption a few months after you become settled and comfortable. Call West Coast Design Build Florida today to learn how we can quickly design and install your remodel and get you settled into a beautiful new place.