Bathroom Remodeling In Sarasota

Serene, Spa, or Simple, Your Bathroom Should Be Exactly How You Want It.

Sarasota and Manatee’s Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

Sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new bathroom from WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD. The bathroom is your space. You start and end your day there. You relax there, you get ready there, you plan and prep your life there. Therefore your bathroom should reflect the person you are and the style that makes you happy. 

With over 25 years of experience crafting beautiful bathrooms, including 17 of which here on the Suncoast of Florida, we are perfectly experienced to design and build you the bathroom that you won’t want to leave and can’t wait to return to. 

Bathroom styles and preferences have changed substantially over the years, and can differ greatly from one homeowner to the next. Because of that, it is important to work with a company who will work with you to design, build and finish your project with a commitment to quality and performance. 

Whether your bathroom is part of a larger remodeling project, or you simply need a complete makeover in your domain, WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD will work with you to create the bathroom that sets you up for success every time you leave it, and will make you feel like royalty whenever you return to it. 

From custom showers, elaborate bathtubs, intricate double-sink vanities and more, our design team will work with you to design the bathroom that you will love to live in. Our team will build your new bathroom with a commitment to quality and performance, and with an appreciation of your bathroom goals. Because we have goals too, and those are to make you another repeat customer of WCDBFL!

bathroom remodeling

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

As soon as you contract with us, we set time aside for you to work with our design team to select the materials and style of your project. Then, we will set a time with you to spend a few hours in your home measuring your bathroom, making notes on specific details, finalizing your design, and preparing for your project’s upcoming construction. 

We then will custom build or order your materials, fabricate your countertops, order the flooring and everything else that’s included in your project. We won’t start on construction until all your materials are received and prepped for installation. This process significantly minimizes the duration of your project, saving you time and money! 

When you’re ready, the supplies are ready, and any necessary permits are approved, we will find a mutually agreeable time to start remodeling your bathroom. Most bathroom projects take anywhere from 5 days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. 

Our team will coordinate every installer and worker who enters your home, and you have our assurance that each individual is an experienced professional who delivers the level of professionalism you have come to expect with WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD.  

For inspiration on bathrooms we’ve designed and built for past happy homeowners, give this page a look, and let us know if your looking for something serene, spa or just simply need a bathroom that you’re going to love.