Custom Luxury Kitchens In Sarasota

Designer Kitchens With Designer Style and Craftsmanship Quality

Exactly What You Want is Exactly What We Deliver

There’s no substitute for bringing a dream to life, and WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD delivers dream kitchen remodels that will leave you speechless. In fact, that’s our goal! 

For the homeowner who knows exactly what they want, working with a firm that seamlessly transitions from design phase to build phase ensures that nothing is lost in transition and that the homeowner will receive exactly what is promised. 

From condos on the water, to country clubs, to old Florida homes in the heart of Sarasota, we have delivered custom kitchens that require a full remodel for the happiest of homeowners. Our homeowners appreciate our attention to detail, as well as our efficiency that provides them with the craftsmanship they want without having to be kitchen-less for months on end. 

Not only do we commit to quality and performance with every project we work on, we put the timeframe for completion in writing! Our commitment to the timeframe, and our ability to meet it, is the reason we have two-peat and three-peat customers for custom projects.

How Our Luxury Kitchens in Sarasota Work

As soon as you contract with us, we get to work on your project from a design and look-and-feel perspective immediately. You will get several hours of time working directly with our designer, either in our showroom, in your home, or over the phone, to choose the exact materials and products you want. 

After that, we will set a time with you to spend a few hours in your home measuring your kitchen, making notes on specific details, finalizing your design, and preparing for your project’s upcoming construction day. 

Many of our custom projects require a permit, or multiple permits, and may also require architectural drawings and engineering consultation. Because of permits, engineering, design and more, Custom projects can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks-plus to complete from the point of contracting. Permitting usually takes 4-6 weeks at a minimum. 

We then will custom build or order your cabinets, fabricate your countertop, order the flooring and everything else that’s included in your project. We won’t start on construction until all your supplies are ready for installation. 

When you’re ready and the supplies are shipped and prepared for instillation, we can complete the project, from demo to completion, in about 7-21 days, depending on the complexity of the project. This efficient timeframe saves plenty of lag time, and also saves our homeowners money, due to a subtraction of labor costs compared to the competitors. 

And when completion does come, we assure you that you’re going to love the brand new custom kitchen we created together!