Kitchen In A Week

A Brand New Kitchen in 7 Days

The Best Week Your Kitchen Ever Had

Demo on Monday, cooking breakfast on Saturday! It’s more than a tagline at WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD, it’s a commitment to quality and completion that leaves our clients thrilled with their brand new kitchen. 

Similar to our 1-Day Kitchen Makeovers, our Kitchen-In-A-Week is simply more elaborate and requires a bit more time to deliver you the kitchen of you dreams. We are able to quickly remodel elaborate kitchens thanks to our 25 years of experience and ability to coordinate multiple moving parts with efficiency and effectiveness. 

When it comes to pulling permits and requiring inspections, our experience is an asset to you. Our team has been working with city and county requirements in Sarasota and Manatee for years, and we know exactly when we do, and we do not need to pull permits and order required inspections. We will never cut corners, and we will also never ask you to pay for a permit or inspection that is unnecessary. 

Many of our Kitchen In A Week projects include the remodeling of cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplash, new appliances and more. Our expert builders work diligently to build your new kitchen with care, quality and performance.

How Our Kitchen In A Week Works

As soon as you contract with us, we set time aside for you to work with our design team to select the materials and style of your project. Then, we will set a time with you to spend a few hours in your home measuring your kitchen, making notes on specific details, finalizing your design, and preparing for your project’s upcoming construction day. 

We then will custom build or order your cabinets, fabricate your countertop, order the flooring and everything else that’s included in your project. We won’t start on construction until all your materials are received and prepped for installation. This process significantly minimizes the duration of your project, saving you time and money! 

When you’re ready and the supplies are shipped and prepared for instillation, we aim to start your kitchen on a Monday, and finish the job before the weekend hits. Our team will coordinate every installer and worker who enters your home, and you have our assurance that each individual is an experienced professional who delivers the level of professionalism you have come to expect with WESTCOAST DESIGN BUILD. 

Demo on Monday, cooking breakfast on Saturday, in your brand new kitchen that you’re going to love!