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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

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1-Day Kitchen Makeover

A brand new kitchen in 24 hours!

If you’re looking to update your kitchen but are on a tight budget, our 1-day kitchen makeover is perfect for you. It’s what sets us apart from the others. We can breathe new life into your kitchen in as little as 24 hours with a cosmetic makeover.

This might consist of replacing countertops, sink, plumbing, light fixtures, and maybe adding backsplash tile behind the new countertops. This option is great for keeping your kitchen as is but reinvigorating it with fresh, new materials.

If you’re looking for a budget and time friendly option to re-imagine your kitchen, this is it!

Kitchen in a week

Demo on Monday, cooking breakfast on Saturday! That’s our promise with our kitchen in a week projects.

If you’re looking for something a little more custom than a 1-day kitchen makeover, a pull & replace project may be what you are looking for.

A “pull & replace” kitchen remodeling project can consist of replacing the cabinets, countertops, plumbing, electrical fixtures, sink, and maybe painting the walls a new color.

With this type of project, the layout of the kitchen remains the same and we pull out the old materials and replace them with new and updated materials, which is why we call it “pull & replace”.

This type of project can require 1-2 weeks once the materials are received.

Custom Luxury Kitchen Remodel

There’s no substitute for bringing a dream to life, and we deliver dream kitchen remodels that will leave you speechless. In fact, that’s our goal! 

For the homeowner who knows exactly what they want, working with a firm that seamlessly transitions from design phase to build phase ensures that nothing is lost in transition and that the homeowner will receive exactly what is promised.

From condos on the water, to country clubs, to old Florida homes in the heart of Sarasota, we have delivered custom kitchens that require a full remodel for the happiest of homeowners. Our homeowners appreciate our attention to detail, as well as our efficiency that provides them with the craftsmanship they want without having to be kitchen-less for months on end.

Not only do we commit to quality and performance with every project we work on, we put the time frame for completion in writing! Our commitment to the time frame, and our ability to meet it, is the reason we have two-peat and three-peat customers for custom projects.

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Not only did he do a great job but he did everything that he said he was going to do. Tom came up with a plan to communicate with me twice per week, once to plan out the week’s work and the end of the week to verify what was done. Through all this, the project was delayed by 1 week from the original contract date and with the fact the he had to plan around 4 hurricanes that hit the area that summer. Tom did everything that he said he was going to do and I admire his integrity and hard work ethic.

Paolo R.

Bradenton, FL

Thank you again for your extra efforts… Your quiet but firm reassurance was of great comfort to us and put us at ease. You have been a blessing to us. Thanks again.

Rob G.

Bradenton, FL

Tom and his team have done several upgrade projects at our home – indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, pool deck and cage, and are always professional and responsive. We will be calling them back.

Mike J.

Sarasota, FL