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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

Many homes in the Sarasota area are older, and were built before large, luxurious bathrooms were in vogue. Therefore many homeowners are looking for ways to renovate their small bathroom spaces to look more contemporary, airy and chic. You may be surprised at how significantly changes to countertops, color palette, or strategic use of space can transform your small bathroom space.

Regardless of size, you can design a beautiful bathroom. Whether a powder room, guest bathroom or a full bath, with creative planning you can make the best use of the floorplan.

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Mirror, Mirror: A mirror can easily create an illusion of depth and space. A mirror reflects light, making your small bathroom feel lighter and brighter. If you have a window bathed in natural light, hang mirrors facing that window so that the light can be reflected and will give your space an open feel. Positioning mirrors across from one another can give the illusion of infinite space. When it comes to shape, you can use round mirror to break up a square or rectangular room, and a large wall mirror will definitely enlarge the feel of the space.

Color Palettes: Vibrant color can be an effective solution for a tiny bathroom, especially if utilized for an accent wall. However, white automatically makes any space feel lighter and bigger. For a contemporary small bathroom, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish which reflect light and will make the room appear brighter and more open. A neutral or earthy color palette utilizing tans, beiges and whites will make a small bath feel roomier.

Open Shelving: Clutter and knick-knacks can automatically make any space feel more cramped and untidy. Attach floating shelves, towel bars and hooks to your walls, rather than installing too many cabinets and closets. Shelves make storage and organizational use of wall space which would otherwise be useless. Hooks are excellent for hanging towels or robes on the back of a door and away from sight. Hide essentials in wicker baskets or glass containers.

Shower Stalls: A shower curtain can create another “wall” in a bathroom, cutting it off and making it appear smaller. Instead of a shower curtain, install a clear glass shower door to eliminate the “wall” and create a visually deeper space.

Geometric Tiles: You can trick the eye into thinking a small bathroom space is much bigger by using horizontal or vertical lines. Horizontal tiles on the wall will appear to be pushing the walls further apart, while elongated vertical tile installations draw the eye up, making the ceiling feel higher.

Lighting Fixtures: As indicated above with mirrors and colors, your space will feel more spacious the brighter it is. Choose light fixtures crafted with reflective metals and opaque shades, and situate them close to mirrors. An alternate is to use lighted mirrors. You can also eliminate shadows by installing strip lights under shelves and countertops.

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