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CGC #1524377 – Fully licensed and insured

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most classic rooms in the house – in fact, the elements of both are fairly well established. This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with design, but the basics remain essentially the same. However, this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, some hi-tech gadgets were unveiled which may point to the future of kitchen and bathrooms. Which of these new innovations would you love to see in your new kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation?

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Kitchen Tech Gadgets

  • Cooling Microwave: This appliance was crowdfunded and exhibited as a pre-production prototype during the CES event. Made by Juno, the device works like a microwave in reverse, chilling items quickly utilizing thermoelectric cooling. The unit can quickly chill a bottle of wine to 50º F in 3 minutes, any cool any drinks on demand in seconds.
  • Smart Faucets: Utilizing voice-activated technology, these faucets do more than dispense water in measured amounts. Simply speak to turn the faucet on, fill containers to a programmed level, or pour a specific quantity of water. The faucet also has motion sensors to allow you to turn them on with the wave of a hand – perfect if you are up to your elbows in something – and even connect to the Kohler-connect app to let you know of any irregularities in water flow.
  • Smart Range Hood: This first-of-its-kind hood has a 27-inch integrated smart-touch screen which offers over 5,000 recipes with detailed instructions. The screen also allows chat, Netflix and Hulu streaming, and a voice-activated Google assistant. And yes, it provides the needed ventilation as well.
  • In-Sink “Composter”: For those who want a sustainable alternative to garbage disposals, this unit will process any organic material that you can fit down your sink. This includes not only foodstuffs, but tea bags or solidified fat and grease. It is quiet and automatic and eliminates the hassles of composting.
  • Smart Pans: Although not an appliance, these pans are incredible and deserve a mention. Multiple sensors built into the pan connect to a smart phone app, allowing the pan to automatically calculate the nutrition of recipes as you cook, track your food logs, and track macros. This is perfect for those with stringent diet and fitness goals. We aren’t sure how they do it, but we love that they did! (SmartyPans)

Our Favorite Bathroom Tech Gadgets

  • Musical Showerhead: At first glance, you’ll notice the beautiful and sleek showerhead. What you may not notice is the compact speaker docked in the showerhead to serve up anything from classical music to country songs. Not only that, the showerhead can be easily removed and carried throughout your home as a portable, wireless speaker for use anywhere. We don’t know who thought of this, but it rocks!
  • Programmable Shower Controls: These control panels allow you to pre-set shower times, set the temperature, adjust bathroom lighting, and even monitor your water use. If you have a speaker system, you can control the volume as well.

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